Trilly vs Tilly - What's the difference?

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As adjectives the difference between trilly and tilly

is that trilly is having a trill sound while tilly is containing till unsorted glacial sediment.

As a noun tilly is

an extra product given to a customer at no additional charge; a lagniappe.

As a proper noun Tilly is

{{given name|female|diminutive=Matilda}}.




(en adjective)
  • Having a trill sound.
  • * 1914 , Sewell Ford, Wilt thou Torchy
  • *:She was a sweet young thing with cheek dimples and a trilly laugh...
  • * 1984 , Donald J. Borror, Songs of Western Birds
  • *:This bird has a number of calls, but the most common is a loud chuck (Example 3). Immature birds utter a trilly note (Example 4), which is a common marsh sound in mid-summer.
  • * 2009 , Bob Mitchell, Once Upon a Fastball
  • *:He adores his bedtime baseball stories, even at his ripe old age. “It's called 'The Curse.' Wooooooooo!” Sol sings scarily in a trilly , ghostlike, gradually descending soprano.
  • * 31 March 2011 , Mallika Rao at, American Idol Recap: Stuck In the Middle
  • *:Paul McDonald, whose "Rocket Man" was wispy and unmemorable; Stefano Langone, still with the weird enunciations and trilly voice...
  • tilly


    Etymology 1

    (etyl) .


  • (Ireland) An extra product given to a customer at no additional charge; a lagniappe.
  • * 1855 , Legends of mount Leinster, by Harry Whitney :
  • Myles:'' "Indeed your Honour may safely say so : Iwas ploughing away go myself for the snuff, and be sure to get my ' tillies .
  • * 1939 , James Joyce, 'Finnegan's Wake'':
  • A bakereen's dusind with tithe tillies to boot.
  • * 2007 , Patrick Semple, The Rector who Wouldn't Pray for Rain :
  • At each door he poured from the can into a pint measure and into the house-wife's jug, always with a tilly for the cat, whether there was a cat or not, sometimes splashing the step with milk to the annoyance of the housewife.
    * lagniappe (America), pasella (South Africa)

    Etymology 2

    From WWII British Army usage , from utility.

    Alternative forms

    * Tilly


  • (UK) A small open-backed truck.
  • * 1978 , (Ada F Kay) (A. J. Stewart), Died 1513-born 1929'' / ''King's Memory , page 83:
  • After a fortnight's careful nursing my leg healed and I was packed off in a tilly (utility truck) with my kit-bag to join my comrades at Fairmilehead.
  • * 1980 , Once Upon a Ward: V.A.D.s' Own Stories and Pictures , page 119:
  • One night soon after our arrival in Belgium, four of us set off to a dance in a rest centre, behind the lines, for the forces. We drove across a snowy waste in a tilly truck, singing "Lilly Marlene".
    * (small truck) ute (Australia)

    Etymology 3

    From .


    (en adjective)
  • Containing (l) (unsorted glacial sediment).