Constricting vs Tighten - What's the difference?

constricting | tighten |

As verbs the difference between constricting and tighten

is that constricting is while tighten is to make tighter.




  • tighten



    (en verb)
  • To make tighter.
  • Please tighten that screw a quarter-turn.
  • * Fawkes
  • Just where I please, with tightened rein / I'll urge thee round the dusty plain.
  • To become tighter.
  • That joint is tightening as the wood dries.
  • (economics) To make money harder to borrow or obtain.
  • If the government doesn't tighten the money supply, inflation is certain to be harsh.
  • (economics) To raise short-term interest rates.
  • The Fed is expected to tighten by a quarter-point.


    * (make tighter) loosen

    Derived terms

    * retighten * tighten one's belt * tighten the purse strings * tightener

    Distinguish from

    * titan, Titan