Slattern vs Tidiness - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between slattern and tidiness

is that slattern is a slut, a sexually promiscuous woman while tidiness is the quality of being tidy.




(en noun)
  • A slut, a sexually promiscuous woman.
  • (dated) A dirty and untidy woman.
  • * 1809 , Noah Webster, Esq., An American Selection of Lessons in Reading and Speaking: Calculated to Improve the Minds and Refine the Taste of Youth, to Which are Prefixed Rules in Elocution and Directions for Expressing the Principal Passions of the Mind , p24
  • 3. Cookery is familiar to her, with the price and quality of provisions; and she is a ready accountant. Her chief view, however, is to serve her mother and lighten her cares. She holds cleanliness and neetness to be indispensable in a woman; and that a slattern is disgusting, especially if beautiful.
  • * 1868' September 17, Lizzie Leavenworth, ''??'''Slattern''' Genius??''; quoted in '''2001 by Anne Russo and Cherise Kramarae in ''The Radical Women’s Press of the 1850s , page 202:
  • How many times I have heard a woman called a slattern , because she could not keep a house in order, when had she been allowed to write out her sublime thoughts, which were all in another direction, she would have astonished the world with her genius.
  • * 1933 , Noel Coward, Private Lives: an Intimate Comedy in Three Acts , Act 3:
  • AMANDA: I’ve been brought up to believe that it’s beyond the pale, for a man to strike a woman.
    ELYOT: A very poor tradition. Certain women should be struck regularly, like gongs.
    AMANDA: You’re an unmitigated cad, and a bully.
    ELYOT: And you’re an ill-mannered, bad tempered slattern .
    AMANDA (loudly) Slattern indeed.
    ELYOT: Yes, slattern', '''slattern''', ' slattern , and fishwife.
    VICTOR: Keep your mouth shut, you swine.


    * See * (untidy woman) moggy (archaic)

    Derived terms

    * slatternliness * slatternly





  • The quality of being tidy.
  • Antonyms

    * untidiness