Drub vs Thump - What's the difference?

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Drub is a related term of thump.

As verbs the difference between drub and thump

is that drub is to beat (someone or something) with a stick while thump is to hit (someone or something) as if to make a.

As a noun thump is

a blow that produces a muffled sound.




  • to beat (someone or something) with a stick
  • to forcefully teach something
  • to defeat someone soundly; to annihilate or crush
  • to criticize harshly; to excoriate
  • Anagrams





    (en noun)
  • a blow that produces a muffled sound
  • * Tatler
  • The watchman gave so great a thump at my door, that I awaked at the knock.
  • the sound of such a blow; a thud
  • Verb

    (en verb)
  • To hit (someone or something) as if to make a .
  • * (William Shakespeare)
  • These bastard Bretons, whom our fathers / Have in their own land beaten, bobb'd, and thump'd .
  • * {{quote-news, year=2011, date=January 19, author=Jonathan Stevenson, work=BBC
  • , title= Leeds 1-3 Arsenal , passage=Kasper Schmeichel brilliantly denied Marouane Chamakh before Bacary Sagna thumped home a second, though Bradley Johnson's screamer halved the deficit.}}
  • To thud or pound.
  • To throb with a muffled rhythmic sound.
  • *{{quote-magazine, date=2013-06-29, volume=407, issue=8842, page=55, magazine=(The Economist)
  • , title= Travels and travails , passage=Even without hovering drones, a lurking assassin, a thumping score and a denouement, the real-life story of Edward Snowden, a rogue spy on the run, could be straight out of the cinema. But, as with Hollywood, the subplots and exotic locations may distract from the real message: America’s discomfort and its foes’ glee.}}