Intelligent vs Though-provoking - What's the difference?

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Intelligent is a related term of though-provoking.



Alternative forms

* entelligent


  • Of high or especially quick cognitive capacity, bright.
  • *{{quote-book, year=1927, author= F. E. Penny
  • , chapter=5, title= Pulling the Strings , passage=Anstruther laughed good-naturedly. “[…] I shall take out half a dozen intelligent maistries from our Press and get them to give our villagers instruction when they begin work and when they are in the fields.”}}
  • Well thought-out, well considered.
  • Characterized by thoughtful interaction.
  • Having the same level of brain power as mankind.
  • Having an environment-sensing automatically-invoked built-in computer capability.
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    * stupid


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