Thieving vs Thievery - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between thieving and thievery

is that thieving is the action of theft while thievery is the act of theft, the act of stealing.

As a verb thieving

is present participle of thieve.

As an adjective thieving

is that thieves; that steals.




  • Adjective

  • That thieves; that steals.
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  • Noun

  • The action of theft.
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  • thievery



  • The act of theft, the act of stealing.
  • This instance of thievery will not be over looked.
  • (obsolete) That which is stolen.
  • * 1602 , , IV. iv. 42:
  • Injurious Time now, with a robber's haste, / Crams his rich thievery up, he knows not how;