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Thebaic is a related term of thebes.



Alternative forms

* thebaic


(-) (rare, archaic)
  • Theban; Of or pertaining to Thebes, especially in the context of the scriptures.
  • *1957', Heinrich Boll, L. Vennewitz (tr.) - priests, monks, missionaries who, by way of this strange detour via Ireland, brought the spirit of ' Thebaic ascetisism to Europe
  • Of or pertaining to opium.
  • *1791', William Lewis, ''The Edinburgh New Dispensatory'' - '''''Thebaic extract, half a dram.
  • Proper noun

    (en proper noun)
  • The Sahidic dialect of the .
  • Noun

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  • (archaic) An opium-based medication or tincture such as laudanum.
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    Alternative forms

    * (dated)

    Proper noun

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  • Any of two important cities in antiquity, either in Greece or Egypt.
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