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Thes vs This - What's the difference?

thes | this |

As a noun thes

is sack, bag.

As a determiner this is


Thes vs These - What's the difference?

thes | these |

As nouns the difference between thes and these

is that thes is sack, bag while these is thesis, essay, dissertation.

Them vs Thes - What's the difference?

them | thes |

Thes is likely misspelled.

Thes has no English definition.

As a pronoun them

is Objective case of they: third personal plural pronoun used after a preposition or as the object of a verb.

As a determiner them

is those.

Develope vs Thes - What's the difference?

develope | thes |

As a verb develope

is .

As a noun thes is

sack, bag.