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Knights vs Nights - What's the difference?

knights | nights |

As nouns the difference between knights and nights

is that knights is while nights is .

As an adverb nights is

at night.

Knights vs Anights - What's the difference?

knights | anights |

As a noun knights

is .

As an adverb anights is

(archaic) in the night time; at night.

Knights vs Knyghts - What's the difference?

knights | knyghts |

As nouns the difference between knights and knyghts

is that knights is plural of lang=en while knyghts is plural of knyght.

Kings vs Knights - What's the difference?

kings | knights |

As a proper noun kings

is (biblical) one of the various books called kings in the old testament of bible, and of the tanakh variously known as.

As a noun knights is