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Chin vs Chinny - What's the difference?

chin | chinny |

As a numeral chin

is nine.

As an adjective chinny is

having a prominent chin.

As a noun chinny is


Chin vs Chinlike - What's the difference?

chin | chinlike |

As a numeral chin

is nine.

As an adjective chinlike is

resembling a chin or some aspect of one.

Chin vs Kuki - What's the difference?

chin | kuki | Synonyms |

Kuki is a synonym of chin.

As nouns the difference between chin and kuki

is that chin is the bottom of a face, especially, the lower jaw or the region below the mouth while Kuki is any member of numerous clans of hillspeople, found in parts of India, Burma and Bangladesh, with mongoloid features, straight black hair, and brown eyes and skin.

As a verb chin

is to talk.

As a proper noun Chin

is {{surname|from=Chinese}} of Chinese origin.