Televisualisation vs Televisualization - What's the difference?

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Televisualisation is an alternative form of televisualization.

As nouns the difference between televisualisation and televisualization

is that televisualisation is while televisualization is translation into a televisual format; televising.




  • televisualization



  • Translation into a televisual format; televising.
  • * 2007 , Janine Marchessault, Susan Lord, Fluid screens, expanded cinema
  • This goes against the current of the televisualization of the Web, where the end-user-defined HTML language is being submerged in a wave of server-defined Javascript.
  • The introduction of television to a region.
  • * 2007 , Toby Miller, Cultural citizenship
  • After the War and the simultaneous suburbanization and televisualization of the United States, the weather report was positioned as an entertaining forum...

    Alternative forms

    * televisualisation