Chicken vs Telephone - What's the difference?

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As a proper noun chicken

is a cdp in alaska.

As a noun telephone is




(wikipedia chicken) (Gallus gallus) (Gallus gallus)


  • (countable) A domestic fowl, Gallus gallus , especially when young
  • (uncountable) The meat from this bird eaten as food.
  • (countable, slang) A coward.
  • (countable, gay slang) A young, attractive, slim man, usually having little body hair. Compare chickenhawk
  • (countable, slang) A young or inexperienced person.
  • * 1887 , Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, A Study in Scarlet , III:
  • "This case will make a stir, sir," he remarked. "It beats anything I have seen, and I am no chicken ."
  • * Jonathan Swift
  • Stella is no chicken .
  • A confrontational game in which the participants move toward each other at high speed (usually in automobiles); the player who turns first to avoid colliding into the other is the chicken (, the loser.)
  • Don't play chicken with a freight train; you're guaranteed to lose.
  • The game of dare.
  • Synonyms

    * (bird) cock (male only), chook , hen (female only), rooster (male only) * (coward) * twink * (young inexperienced person) spring chicken * See also

    Derived terms

    * chicken and egg * chicken feed * chicken fillet * chickenhawk * chicken Kiev * chickenpox * chicken salt * chickenshit * like a chicken with its head cut off * like a chicken with the pip * play chicken * run around like a chicken with its head cut off * spring chicken


    (en adjective)
  • cowardly
  • Verb

    (en verb)
  • To avoid as a result of fear.
  • To develop physical or other characteristics resembling a chicken's, for example, bumps on the skin.
  • Derived terms

    * chicken out * chicken legs

    See also

    * egg * poultry * cockerel * hen



    (en noun)
  • An electronic device used for two-way talking with other people (often shortened to phone).
  • (US) Chinese whispers.
  • * {{quote-news, year=2013
  • , date=October 27 , author=Erik Adams , title=TV: Review: THE SIMPSONS (CLASSIC): “The PTA Disbands” , work=The Onion AV Club citation , page= , passage=And since the spring of 1995, no game of telephone has ended without some Simpsons-loving smart-ass dropping “purple monkey dishwasher” into the chain. }}


    * blower, phone, farspeaker, Ameche (slang), dog and bone (slang), horn (informal) * See also

    Derived terms

    * mobile telephone * public telephone * telephone book * telephone box * telephone call * telephone conference * telephone tag * telephonic * telephony


  • To contact someone by dialing his or her telephone number; to make someone's telephone ring using one's own telephone.
  • * {{quote-book, year=1913, author=
  • , title=Lord Stranleigh Abroad , chapter=4 citation , passage=“I came down like a wolf on the fold, didn’t I??? Why didn’t I telephone ??? Strategy, my dear boy, strategy. This is a surprise attack, and I’d no wish that the garrison, forewarned, should escape. …”}}


    * call, drop a line, phone, ring * See also