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Ontario vs Tecumseh - What's the difference?

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As proper nouns the difference between ontario and tecumseh

is that ontario is (province in eastern canada) or ontario can be (city in california) while tecumseh is (male).


Proper noun

(en proper noun)
  • A lake between Ontario province and New York State.
  • A province in eastern Canada that has Toronto as its capital.
  • A village in Belize.
  • A city in California.
  • A town and a county in New York.
  • A city in Ohio.
  • A city in Oregon.
  • A village in Wisconsin.
  • Derived terms

    * Ontarian * (province) ON , , Ont

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    Proper noun

    (en proper noun)
  • (male)
  • * 1995 (Pat Conroy), Beach Music , Bantam Books (1996), ISBN 0553574574, page 271:
  • Elizabeth first met a presentable young lieutenant stationed at Fort Moultrie by the name of William Tecumseh' Sherman. - - - My poor brother Tee, who grew up mortified by his given name, ' Tecumseh , was christened in honor of the soldier, not the great chieftain.
  • A city in Michigan
  • A city in Nebraska
  • A city in Oklahoma
  • A town in Ontario, Canada
  • Derived terms

    * Mount Tecumseh