Distaste vs Tchah - What's the difference?

distaste | tchah |

As a noun distaste

is a feeling of dislike, aversion or antipathy.

As a verb distaste

is (obsolete|transitive) to dislike.

As an interjection tchah is

expressing distaste or annoyance.




  • A feeling of dislike, aversion or antipathy.
  • (obsolete) Aversion of the taste; dislike, as of food or drink; disrelish.
  • (Francis Bacon)
  • (obsolete) Discomfort; uneasiness.
  • * Francis Bacon
  • Prosperity is not without many fears and distastes , and adversity is not without comforts and hopes.
  • Alienation of affection; displeasure; anger.
  • * Milton
  • On the part of Heaven, / Now alienated, distance and distaste .

    Derived terms

    * distasteful


  • (obsolete) To dislike.
  • * , Scene 2.
  • Although my will distaste what it elected
  • * , II.4.1.i:
  • the Romans distasted them so much, that they were often banished out of their city, as Pliny and Celsus relate, for 600 yeers not admitted.
  • to be distasteful; to taste bad
  • * , Scene 3.
  • Dangerous conceits are, in their natures, poisons. / Which at the first are scarce found to distaste ,
  • (obsolete) To offend; to disgust; to displease.
  • * Sir J. Davies
  • He thought it no policy to distaste the English or Irish by a course of reformation, but sought to please them.
  • (obsolete) To deprive of taste or relish; to make unsavory or distasteful.
  • (Drayton)




    * ----




    (en interjection)
  • Expressing distaste or annoyance.
  • * 1890 , George Manville Fenn, Eli's children: the chronicles of an unhappy family
  • Tchah ! he wouldn't have cared to stay. He dines late and fashionable-like at home.
  • * 1968 , Bernard Victor Dryer, The torch bearers: a novel
  • Tchah ! I was stopped by two security patrols. First the Federals, they at least have some discipline, but the second! Aie, you know our municipales? Brutos. Worse than cops on TV, bang, bang.
  • * 2005 , Ann English, Morning's Glory
  • Tchah ! She had to get him out the door. Did she say “No” to his latest impertinence? She must've, she supposed.


    * pah