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  • (nautical) A system of ropes and blocks used to increase the force applied to the free end of the rope.
  • (fishing, uncountable) Equipment (rod, reel, line, lure, etc.) used when angling.
  • (uncountable, informal) By extension, any piece of equipment, particularly gadgetry.
  • * 2004 June 24–30, "Jeff Gordon Never Gets Tired Of Seeing Face On Cheap Plastic Crap", '', available in ''Embedded in America , ISBN 1400054567, page 193,
  • ... an illuminated license-plate frame bearing his likeness, signature, and yellow number 24. "That there's a real nice piece of tackle . ..."
  • (sports, countable) A play where a player attempts to take control over the ball from an opponent, as in rugby or football.
  • (American football, countable) A play where a defender brings the ball carrier to the ground.
  • (countable) Any instance in which one person forces another to the ground.
  • (American football, uncountable) The offensive positions between each guard and end, offensive tackle.
  • (American football, countable) A person playing that position.
  • (American football, uncountable) The defensive positions between two ends, defensive tackle.
  • (American football, countable) A person playing that position.
  • (slang) A man's genitalia.
  • Derived terms

    * grapple tackle * spear tackle


  • to face or deal with attempting to overcome or fight down
  • The government's measures to tackle crime were insufficient.
  • (sports) to attempt to take away a ball
  • (American football) to bring a ball carrier to the ground
  • takeon

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