Ted vs Tag - What's the difference?

ted | tag |

As a noun ted

is teddy boy.

As a verb ted

is to spread hay for drying.

As an abbreviation tag is




(wikipedia Ted)

Proper noun

(en proper noun)
  • Synonyms

    * (male given name) Eddie, Eddy, Teddy


    (en noun)
  • (informal) A Teddy boy.
  • tag


    (wikipedia tag)

    Etymology 1


    (en noun)
  • A small label.
  • A game played by two or more children in which one child (known as "it") attempts to catch one of the others, who then becomes "it".
  • A skin tag, an excrescence of skin.
  • A type of cardboard.
  • Graffiti in the form of a stylized signature particular to the person who makes the graffiti.
  • A dangling lock of sheep's wool, matted with dung; a dung tag.
  • An attribution in narrated dialogue (eg, "he said").
  • (chiefly, US) a vehicle number plate; a medal bearing identification data (animals, soldiers).
  • (baseball) An instance of touching the baserunner with the ball or the ball in a gloved hand.
  • The tag was applied at second for the final out.
  • (computing) A piece of markup representing an element in a markup language.
  • The </code> <strong>tag </strong> provides a title for the Web page. </em> </dd></dl> <dl><dd><em>The <code><sarcasm></code> <strong>tag </strong> conveys sarcasm in Internet slang. </em> </dd></dl> <li> (computing) A keyword, term, or phrase associated with or assigned to data, media, and/or information enabling keyword-based classification; often used to categorize content. </li> <dl><dd><em>I want to add genre and artist <strong>tags </strong> to the files in my music collection. </em> </dd></dl> <li> Any slight appendage, as to an article of dress; something slight hanging loosely. </li> <li> A metallic binding, tube, or point, at the end of a string, or lace, to stiffen it. </li> <li> The end, or catchword, of an actor's speech; cue. </li> <li> Something mean and paltry; the rabble. </li> <li> A sheep in its first year. </li> <dl><dd>(<i>Halliwell</i>) </dd></dl> <li> (<i>lb</i>) Any short peptide sequence artificially attached to proteins mostly in order to help purify, solubilize or visualize these proteins. </li> </div><div class='fourth-Verb'><h4>Verb</h4> (<i>tagg</i>) <li> To label (something). </li> <li> (graffiti) To mark (something) with one’s tag. </li> <li> To remove dung tags from a sheep. </li> <dl><dd><em>Regularly <strong>tag </strong> the rear ends of your sheep. </em> </dd></dl> <li> (transitive, baseball, colloquial) To hit the ball hard. </li> <dl><dd><em>He really <strong>tagged </strong> that ball. </em> </dd></dl> <li> (baseball) To put a runner out by touching them with the ball or the ball in a gloved hand. </li> <dl><dd><em>He <strong>tagged </strong> the runner for the out. </em> </dd></dl> <li> (computing) To mark with a tag (metadata for classification). </li> <dl><dd><em>I am <strong>tagging </strong> my music files by artist and genre. </em> </dd></dl> <li> To follow closely, accompany, tag along. </li> <li>* <strong>1906 </strong>, O. Henry, <em> </em> </li> <dl><dd><i>A tall young man came striding through the park along the path near which she sat. Behind him <strong>tagged </strong> a boy carrying a suit-case. </i></dd></dl> <li> To catch and touch (a player in the game of tag). </li> <li> To fit with, or as if with, a tag or tags. </li> <li>* Macaulay </li> <dl><dd><i>He learned to make long-<strong>tagged </strong> thread laces. </i></dd></dl> <li>* Dryden </li> <dl><dd><i>His courteous host / <strong>Tags </strong> every sentence with some fawning word. </i></dd></dl> <li> To fasten; to attach. </li> <dl><dd>(<i>Bolingbroke</i>) </dd></dl> </div><div class='fifth-Derived terms'><h5>Derived terms</h5> * tag along * tag cloud * tag end * ! * tag out * phone tag * telephone tag </div><div class='third-Etymology 2'><h3>Etymology 2</h3> From (<i>etyl</i>) . </div><div class='fourth-Noun'><h4>Noun</h4> (<i>tagin</i>) <li> A decoration drawn over some Hebrew letters in Jewish scrolls. </li> </div><div class='third-Anagrams'><h3>Anagrams</h3> * ---- </div></cite></td> </tr> </table> </div> </div> </div> <!-- /.block --> </div> <!-- /.region --> </div> </section> <!-- end main content --> </div><!-- main --> </td> <!-- custom1 --> <td id="sidebar-right"> <div class="region region-sidebar-first"> <div id="block-block-14" class="block block-block"> <div class="content"> <div id="ezoic-pub-ad-placeholder-105"><div id='bm1'><ins class='adsbygoogle' style='display:inline-block;width:160px;height:600px' data-ad-client='ca-pub-6605237907137003' data-ad-slot='3393602233'></ins></div></div> </div> </div> <!-- /.block --> </div> <!-- /.region --> </td> </tr> </table> </div> </div> </div> <!-- custom10,share,CCfooter,custom2,custom3 --> <style type="text/css" media="all">@media (min-width:1px){#bm2,.cad2,#bm10,.cad10{display:none}#bm3,.cad3{display:block}}@media (min-width:500px){#bm10,.cad10{display:block}#bm3,.cad3{display:none}}@media (min-width:700px){#bm2,.cad2{display:block}#bm10,.cad10,#bm3,.cad3{display:none}}</style> <footer id="footer-block"> <div class="container"> <div class="row"> <div class="col-sm-12"> <div class="region region-footer"> <div id="block-block-18" class="block block-block"> <div class="content"> <div style="width: 100%; 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