Nerve vs Synapses - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between nerve and synapses

is that nerve is while synapses is (synapse).

As a noun synapses is





(en noun)
  • (zoology) A bundle of neurons with their connective tissue sheaths, blood vessels and lymphatics.
  • The nerves can be seen through the skin.''
  • (nonstandard, colloquial) A neuron.
  • (botany) A vein in a leaf; a grain in wood
  • ''Some plants have ornamental value because of their contrasting nerves
  • Courage, boldness.
  • He hasn't the nerve to tell her he likes her, what a wimp!
  • * 2013 , Daniel Taylor, Jack Wilshere scores twice to ease Arsenal to victory over Marseille'' (in ''The Guardian , 26 November 2013)[]
  • A trip to the whistling, fire-cracking Stadio San Paolo is always a test of nerve but Wenger's men have already outplayed the Italians once.
  • Patience. (rfexample)
  • Stamina, endurance, fortitude.
  • * Milton
  • He led me on to mightiest deeds, / Above the nerve of mortal arm.
  • Audacity, gall.
  • He had the nerve to enter my house uninvited.
  • *
  • (in the plural) Agitation caused by fear, stress or other negative emotion.
  • Ellie had a bad case of nerves before the big test.
  • (obsolete) Sinew, tendon.
  • * 1610 , , act 1 scene 2
  • Come on; obey: / Thy nerves are in their infancy again, / And have no vigour in them.
    (Alexander Pope)


    ; Audacity, gall : brashness, brazenness, big balls


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    Derived terms

    * bundle of nerves * get on somebody's nerves/get on one's nerves * nervation * nerveless * nervy * nerve cell * nerve center * nerve ending * nerve fiber * nerve gas * nerve impulse * nerve-racking * nerves of steel * nerve-wracking * nervi-, nervo- * touch a nerve * unnerved * war of nerves


  • To give courage; sometimes with "up".
  • ''May their example nerve us to face the enemy.
  • To give strength
  • ''The liquor nerved up several of the men after their icy march.


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  • Verb

  • (synapse)
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