Preempt vs Supercede - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between preempt and supercede

is that preempt is (nonstandard) while supercede is .

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Alternative forms

* pre-empt *


(en verb)
  • to appropriate something (before someone else does)
  • to displace something, or take precedence over something
  • (bridge) to make a preemptive bid at bridge
  • Derived terms

    * preemptive * preemptor * preemptory




  • * 1491 , Acta Dom. Conc. :
  • He sall supercede þe payment of þe said vc frankis.
  • * 1857 , The American Law Register — On the Doctrine of Uses as an Element of our Law of Conveyances , Vol. 6, ? 2/3:
  • To it a new species of conveyancing owes its origin, which dispenses with livery of seisin, and almost entirely supercedes , in practice, the employment of common law deeds.
  • * 2000 , Juliet Floyd & Hilary Putnam, The Journal of Philosophy — A Note on Wittgenstein’s “Notorious Paragraph” about the Godel Theorem , Vol. 97, ? 11:
  • They saw themselves as providing a freestanding “ideal language” or “concept-language,” what W. V. Quine has called a first-grade conceptual scheme, which in some sense supercedes ordinary language.
  • * 2002 , Amy Kapczynski, The Yale Law Journal — Queer Brinksmanship: Citizenship and the Solomon Wars , Vol. 112, ? 3:
  • The DoD may contend that the consolidated Solomon Amendment, passed in 1999, National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2000 § 549, supercedes the regulations.

    Usage notes

    * The form (term) is commonly considered a misspelling of supersede, since it results from confusion between Latin , but the ‘c’ spelling began to be used in Middle French, appeared in [[w:English language, English] as early as the 1400s, and is still sometimes found. The fact that supersede is the only English word ending in (term), while several end in (term), also encourages confusion. * Most dictionaries do not include this spelling; a few list it as a variant, sometimes identified as a misspelling.supercede]” in the Merriam–Webster Online Dictionary . A search of general dictionaries at [ Onelook All Dictionaries finds 4 instances of "supercede" excluding this one (with one flagged as misspelling), and 24 of "supersede".