Sufficiencie vs Sufficience - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between sufficiencie and sufficience

is that sufficiencie is while sufficience is (obsolete) the condition or quality of being sufficient; sufficiency.

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  • * 1588? , , “A Reproofe of Certeine Schismatical Persons & Their Doctrine Touching the Hearing & Preaching of the Word of God” in Cartwrightiana , ed. Albert Peel and Leland Henry Carlson (1951, published for the Sir Halley Stewart Trust by Allen and Unwin), page 228
  • If anie do dislike the superstitious & needles cærimonies in ordination & yet also acknowledg that the Byshops may call, authorise, trie, confirme, & warrant by testimonie the sufficiencie of ministers / what greuous synne is it.




    (en noun)
  • (obsolete) The condition or quality of being sufficient; sufficiency.
  • (obsolete) Capability; competence.
  • *, I.42:
  • *:He speaketh of the sufficience of the minde and of internall qualities.
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