Sudoresis vs Sudor - What's the difference?

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Sudoresis is a derived term of sudor.


Not English

Sudoresis has no English definition. It may be misspelled.

English words similar to 'sudoresis':

stressor, streaker, satyriasis, strictness, straggler, struggles, stressors, staircases, stairways, starkers, structures, strigils, stricter, swithers, stresses, straights, sweaters, scooters, scatters, starches, shutters, strokers, squatters, stargazer, stargazers, starkness, shudders, struggler, skitters, starships, strictures, straighter, strikers, shooters, satirizes, satirises, sheathers, shatters, streights, soothers, stragglers, shouters, siderosis, squitters, streakers, shedders, starchier, skidders, swatters, sooterkins, shitters, satirists, stargazes, skeeters, stragglier, straggles, shadowers, streakier, strugglers, stargates, storages, stairgates, sturgeons, stargazins, styraxes, storaxes, skaiters, structurer, strikeless, squidders, strikees, stressless, swathers, satirizer, satirizers, shadders, sheeters, streakless, strykers, stairchair, storecards, sautries, stirious, strockles, sidereous, sudorous, seethers, starcher, starchers, sawtries, starchness, suitress, strigous, starosts, strokings, strigids, strickles, strickler, stricklers, strickless, stercorous, streakings, shootress, strokeless, scutters, strikter, strikings, sideroses




  • (physiology) The salty fluid excreted by the sweat glands.
  • Synonyms

    * perspiration * sweat

    Derived terms

    * sudoral * sudoresis * sudoriferous * sudorific * sudor anglicus ----