Partition vs Subregion - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between partition and subregion

is that partition is partition (section of a hard disk separately formatted) while subregion is a region that is part of a larger region.



(en noun)
  • An action which divides a thing into parts, or separates one thing from another.
  • * Shakespeare
  • And good from bad find no partition .
  • A part of something that has been divided.
  • The division of a territory into two or more autonomous ones.
  • ''Monarchies where partition isn't prohibited risk weakening trough parcellation and civil wars between the heirs
  • A vertical structure that divides a room.
  • a brick partition'''; lath and plaster '''partitions
  • That which divides or separates; that by which different things, or distinct parts of the same thing, are separated; boundary; dividing line or space.
  • * Dryden
  • No sight could pass / Betwixt the nice partitions of the grass.
  • A part divided off by walls; an apartment; a compartment.
  • * Milton
  • Lodged in a small partition .
  • (legal) The severance of common or undivided interests, particularly in real estate. It may be effected by consent of parties, or by compulsion of law.
  • (computing) A section of a hard disk separately formatted.
  • (databases) A division of a database or one of its constituting elements such as tables into separate independent parts.
  • (set theory) A collection of non-empty, disjoint subsets of a set whose union is the set itself (i.e. all elements of the set are contained in exactly one of the subsets).
  • (music) A musical score.
  • Usage notes

    * (set theory) The elements of the collection are sometimes called the blocks or parts of the partition.


    * dismemberment

    Derived terms

    * equipartition


    (en verb) (transitive)
  • To divide something into parts, sections or shares
  • To divide a region or country into two or more territories with separate political status
  • To separate or divide a room by a partition (ex. a wall), often use with off
  • Synonyms

    * dismember

    Derived terms

    * partitioner * partitionist




    (en noun)
  • A region that is part of a larger region.