Style vs Elegance - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between style and elegance

is that style is a manner of doing things, especially a fashionable one while elegance is grace, refinement, and beauty in movement, appearance, or manners.

As a verb style

is to create or give a style, fashion or image.




(en noun)
  • A manner of doing or presenting things, especially a fashionable one.
  • * Chesterfield
  • Style is the dress of thoughts.
  • * C. Middleton
  • the usual style of dedications
  • * I. Disraeli
  • It is style alone by which posterity will judge of a great work.
  • * Sir J. Reynolds
  • The ornamental style also possesses its own peculiar merit.
  • flair; grace; fashionable skill
  • As a dancer, he has a lot of style .
  • (botany) The stalk that connects the stigma(s) to the ovary in a pistil of a flower.
  • A traditional or legal term preceding a reference to a person who holds a title or post.
  • A traditional or legal term used to address a person who holds a title or post.
  • the style of Majesty
  • * Burke
  • one style to a gracious benefactor, another to a proud, insulting foe
  • (nonstandard) A stylus.
  • (obsolete) A pen; an author's pen.
  • (Dryden)
  • A sharp-pointed tool used in engraving; a graver.
  • A kind of blunt-pointed surgical instrument.
  • A long, slender, bristle-like process.
  • the anal styles of insects
  • The pin, or gnomon, of a sundial, the shadow of which indicates the hour.
  • (computing) A visual or other modification to text or other elements of a document, such as bold or italic.
  • applying styles to text in a wordprocessor
    Cascading Style Sheets

    Derived terms

    * stylish * stylist * hairstyle * style guide * style manual

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    * substance


  • To create or give a style, fashion or image.
  • To call or give a name or title.
  • * 1811 , Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility , chapter 10
  • Marianne‚Äôs preserver, as Margaret, with more elegance than precision, stiled (SIC) Willoughby, called at the cottage early the next morning to make his personal inquiries.





  • Grace, refinement, and beauty in movement, appearance, or manners
  • The bride was elegance personified.
  • Restraint and grace of style
  • The simple dress had a quiet elegance .
  • The beauty of an idea characterized by minimalism and intuitiveness while preserving exactness and precision
  • The proof of the theorem had a pleasing elegance .
  • (countable) A refinement or luxury
  • * {{quote-book, year=1852, author=Various, title=Young Americans Abroad, chapter=, edition= citation
  • , passage=As to the comforts and elegances of life, we have enough of them for our good. }}
  • * {{quote-book, year=1881, author=Isaac D'Israeli, title=Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1, chapter=, edition= citation
  • , passage=At Rome, when Sallust was the fashionable writer, short sentences, uncommon words, and an obscure brevity, were affected as so many elegances . }}
  • * {{quote-book, year=1909, author=E. Phillips Oppenheim, title=The Governors, chapter=10, edition= citation
  • , passage=Phineas Duge