Stump vs Stumplike - What's the difference?

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As a noun stump

is the remains of something that has been cut off; especially the remains of a tree, the remains of a limb.

As a verb stump

is to stop, confuse, or puzzle.

As an adjective stumplike is

resembling a stump.

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(en noun) (wikipedia stump)
  • The remains of something that has been cut off; especially the remains of a tree, the remains of a limb.
  • (politics) The place or occasion at which a campaign takes place; the husting.
  • (figurative) A place or occasion at which a person harangues or otherwise addresses a group in a manner suggesting political oration.
  • *1886 , , The Princess Casamassima .
  • *:Paul Muniment had taken hold of Hyacinth, and said, 'I'll trouble you to stay, you little desperado. I'll be blowed if I ever expected to see you on the stump !'
  • (cricket) One of three small wooden posts which together with the bails make the wicket and that the fielding team attempt to hit with the ball.
  • (drawing) An artists’ drawing tool made of rolled paper used to smudge or blend marks made with charcoal, crayon, pencil or other drawing media.
  • A wooden or concrete pole used to support a house.
  • (slang, humorous) A leg.
  • to stir one's stumps
  • A pin in a tumbler lock which forms an obstruction to throwing the bolt except when the gates of the tumblers are properly arranged, as by the key.
  • A pin or projection in a lock to form a guide for a movable piece.
  • Derived terms

    * stumps * pull up stumps * on the stump * take the stump


    (en verb)
  • to stop, confuse, or puzzle
  • to baffle; to be unable to find an answer to a question or problem.
  • ''This last question has me stumped .
  • to campaign
  • He’s been stumping for that reform for months.
  • (transitive, US, colloquial) to travel over (a state, a district, etc.) giving speeches for electioneering purposes
  • (transitive, cricket, of a wicket keeper) to get a batsman out stumped
  • (cricket) to bowl down the stumps of (a wicket)
  • * Tennyson
  • A herd of boys with clamour bowled, / And stumped the wicket.
  • to walk heavily or clumsily, plod, trudge
  • See also

    * stump up


    * ----




    (en adjective)
  • Resembling a stump.
  • Synonyms

    * stumpy