Vaporous vs Stuffy - What's the difference?

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Vaporous is a related term of stuffy.

As adjectives the difference between vaporous and stuffy

is that vaporous is relating to vapour; misty, foggy, obscure, insubstantial while stuffy is poorly ventilated; partially plugged.

As a noun stuffy is

(us|canada|colloquial|often|childish) a stuffed animal or other plush toy.



Alternative forms

* vapourous


(en adjective)
  • Relating to vapour; misty, foggy, obscure, insubstantial.
  • * 1594, William Shakespeare, The Rape of Lucrece
  • O hateful, vaporous , and foggy night!
  • * 1605, Francis Bacon, The Advancement of Learning
  • So whosoever shall entertain high and vaporous imaginations, instead of a laborious and sober inquiry of truth, shall beget hopes and beliefs of strange and impossible shapes.




  • Poorly ventilated; partially plugged.
  • I can't smell very well today – I have a stuffy nose.
    Let's go outside – it's getting stuffy in here.
  • Stout; mettlesome; resolute.
  • Angry and obstinate; sulky.
  • Boring, uninteresting, over-formal, pompous, very conventional.
  • The stuffy professor droned on as the class lost interest.


  • (US, Canada, colloquial, often, childish) A stuffed animal or other plush toy.
  • Derived terms

    * stuffily * stuffiness