Pudding vs Spudding - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between pudding and spudding

is that pudding is milk pudding while spudding is (drilling) the initial drilling of a well; a test drilling.

As a verb spudding is




(en noun)
  • (originally) A sausage made primarily from blood.
  • Any of various dishes, sweet or savoury, prepared by boiling or steaming, or from batter.
  • * 2004 , Victoria Wise, The Pressure Cooker Gourmet , page 313,
  • The dishes in this chapter represent a range of multiethnic savory custards and steamed puddings', including a few surprises like a chèvre popover '''pudding''' and a bread ' pudding with lettuce and cheese.
  • * 2004 , Sarah Garland, The Complete Book of Herbs & Spices , page 199,
  • Steamed and boiled puddings' have formed the basic diet of country people in northern Europe for centuries. Early ' puddings consisted of the scoured stomach of a sheep or pig, stuffed with its own suet and offal, which has been thickened with oatmeal, and boiled in water or baked in the ashes of a fire.
  • A type of cake or dessert cooked usually by boiling or steaming.
  • * 2007 , Magdaleen Van Wyk, The Complete South African Cookbook , page 265,
  • Steamed puddings , a favourite for winter, are both easy to make and delicious. Served with one of the sweet sauces (recipes 497 to 506) they make a filling and satisfying end to a meal.
  • A type of dessert that has a texture similar to custard or mousse but using some kind of starch as the thickening agent.
  • (UK, Australia, New Zealand) Dessert; the dessert course of a meal.
  • We have apple pie for pudding today.
  • (slang) An overweight person.
  • (slang) Entrails.
  • (obsolete) Any food or victuals.
  • * Prior
  • Eat your pudding , slave, and hold your tongue.


    * (sausage made from blood) black pudding (UK), blood sausage * (dessert) afters (UK informal), dessert, pud (UK slang), sweet (British) * (custard-like dessert) custard, , flan, mousse

    Derived terms

    * bread-and-butter pudding * bread pudding * milk pudding * plum pudding * pudding basin, pudding bowl * pudding stone * rice pudding * sago pudding * Yorkshire pudding

    See also

    * dumpling ----




    (en noun)
  • (drilling) The initial drilling of a well; a test drilling.
  • * 1941 , James George Needham, Paul Bigelow Sears, Aldo Leopold, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, A Symposium on Hydrobiology , page 36,
  • From these spuddings' the approximate percentage loss of capacity can be estimated, but no reliable volume figures are obtained because the exact location of the ' spuddings is not known, and the area of the lake is seldom accurately known.
  • * 1963 , , page 26,
  • Of the 21 holes the small consortium drilled, all of them proved to be dry except two promising spuddings in Libya during 1958.
  • * 1998 , Society of Petroleum Engineers of , Proceedings [of The] Drilling Conference , page 428,
  • On the first two spuddings a standard rotary bottom hole assembly was used and was unsuccessful because of(sic) top hole deviations between 4 and 6 degrees were measured.


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