Riddled vs Sprinkled - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between riddled and sprinkled

is that riddled is (riddle) while sprinkled is (sprinkle).

As an adjective riddled

is damaged throughout by holes.




(en adjective)
  • Damaged throughout by holes.
  • Having (something) spread throughout, as if by an infestation.
  • #
  • The minister claimed that the old benefits system was riddled with abuse and fraud.
  • #
  • #* 2008 , Joan London, The Good Parents , Random House Australia, ISBN 978-1-74166-793-6, page 235:
  • They took a swig each from an old bottle of sherry and ate some stale digestive biscuits sealed in a tin in the mouse-riddled cupboards.
  • Verb

  • (riddle)
  • Anagrams





  • (sprinkle)

  • sprinkle



  • (lb) To cause (a substance) to fall in fine drops (for a liquid substance) or small pieces (for a solid substance).
  • :
  • *(Bible), (w) xiv. 16
  • *:And the priest shallsprinkle of the oil with his finger seven times before the Lord.
  • *
  • *:At twilight in the summeron the floor.
  • (lb) To cover (an object) by sprinkling a substance on to it.
  • :
  • *2005 , Justus Roux, Who's Your Daddy? , page 66:
  • *:Most of the passengers watched from the enclosed promenade deck, but Sandra found her way to the higher, open promenade where she shivered and watched the city lights fade and the stars sprinkle themselves across a dark blue velvet sky.
  • (lb) To drip in fine drops, sometimes sporadically.
  • :
  • (lb) To baptize by the application of a few drops, or a small quantity, of water; hence, to cleanse; to purify.
  • *(Bible), (w) x. 22
  • *:having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience
  • Quotations

    * 1893 , Edward F. Bigelow (editor and publisher), The Observer: a Medium of Interchange of Observations for all Students and Lovers of Nature , volume IV, number 4, page 114: *: There is no more beautiful object in the still and shady aisles of the wood than a great patch of the deep green hairy cap moss studded and starred by these little roses that are often scattered over it as thickly as the stars sprinkle the sky. * April 26th, 1899', ''Memorial Day Oration'' of General P. McGlashan, printed in '''1902 in ''Addresses delivered before the Confederate Veterans Association of Savannah by that association: *: As I laid him back on the litter he threw out his arms and clasped me around my neck, drew me towards him and kissed me, saying: "Colonel, I love you." [...] Unnumbered instances like this might be recounted did the time permit it. They sprinkle the whole four years as the stars sprinkle the sky. * 2010 , Donald E. MacKay, Love Is Stronger Than Death , page 91: *: [...] she will remember his words and gaze at the stars. One dark night when the stars sprinkle the heavens, she would call out to the stars and ask the same questions her benefactor had asked; perhaps she will be favored with answers.

    Derived terms

    * sprinkler


    (en noun)
  • A light covering with a sprinkled substance.
  • He decorated the Christmas card with a sprinkle of glitter.
  • A light rain shower.
  • Synonyms

    * (light covering with a sprinkled substance) sprinkling

    Derived terms

    * sugar sprinkles