Witty vs Sportive - What's the difference?

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Witty is a related term of sportive.

As adjectives the difference between witty and sportive

is that witty is (label) wise, having good judgement while sportive is gay; frolicsome; merry.

As a noun sportive is

(cycling) cyclosportive.




  • (label) Wise, having good judgement.
  • *, Bk.VIII, Ch.viij:
  • *:Then cam there a lady that was a wytty lady, and she seyde playnly unto the Kyngthat he sholde never be hole but yf that Sir Trystrames wente into the same contrey than the venym came fro, and in that contrey sholde he be holpyn, other ellys never.
  • (label) Possessing a strong intellect or intellectual capacity; intelligent, skilful, ingenious.
  • *, II.7:
  • *:It hath beene a witty invention.
  • Clever; amusingly ingenious.
  • :
  • Full of wit.
  • :
  • Quick of mind; insightful; in possession of wits.
  • :
  • Synonyms

    * facetious * humorous * jocose * jocular * quick * See also




    (en adjective)
  • gay; frolicsome; merry
  • Is it I / That drive thee from the sportive court? — Shakespeare.
  • Playful, coltish.
  • Interested in sport.
  • Sporty, good at sport.
  • Noun

    (en noun)
  • (cycling) cyclosportive
  • * 2012 , July 15. Richard Williams in Guardian Unlimited, Tour de France 2012: Carpet tacks cannot force Bradley Wiggins off track
  • Such incidents, part of the cherished mythology of the Tour's early years, are rare in modern cycling, although a 62-year-old local councillor was arrested and subsequently released after tacks had been scattered during the 2009 Etape Caledonia, a sportive held on closed roads in Scotland, causing countless punctures among the 3,500 riders.


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