Spinach vs Spinage - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between spinach and spinage

is that spinach is a particular edible plant, spinacia oleracea , or its leaves while spinage is .



  • A particular edible plant, Spinacia oleracea , or its leaves.
  • Any of numerous plants, or their leaves, which are used for greens in the same way Spinacia oleraceae is.
  • # Chinese spinach, )
  • # Malabar spinach (
  • # New Zealand spinach ()
  • # water spinach ()
  • # (label) (various nightshade, legume, and Cucurbitaceae species)
  • # (Beta vulgaris : chard)
  • # )
  • # Lincolnshire spinach (: Good King Henry)
  • # mountain spinach Atriplex spp.
  • # )
  • # )
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  • * {{quote-book, year=1764, author=Elizabeth Moxon, title=English Housewifery Exemplified, chapter=, edition= citation
  • , passage=Take a quart of good boiling pease which put into a pot with a gallon of soft water whilst cold; add thereto a little beef or mutton, a little hung beef or bacon, and two or three large onions; boil all together while your soop is thick; salt it to your taste, and thicken it with a little wheat-flour; strain it thro' a cullender, boil a little sellery, cut it in small pieces, with a little crisp bread, and crisp a little spinage , as you would do parsley, then put it in a dish, and serve it up. }}