Emergency vs Sos - What's the difference?

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As a noun emergency

is a situation which poses an immediate risk and which requires urgent attention.

As a pronoun sos is





  • A situation which poses an immediate risk and which requires urgent attention.
  • :Cardiac arrest is an emergency and if you find someone in cardiac arrest you should call 999 immediately.
  • (US, Canada, often attributive) The department of a hospital that treats emergencies.
  • An individual brought in at short notice to replace a member of staff, a player in a sporting team, etc.
  • * November 2 2014 , Daniel Taylor, " Sergio Ag├╝ero strike wins derby for Manchester City against 10-man United," guardian.co.uk
  • Van Gaal responded by replacing Adnan Januzaj with Carrick and, in fairness, the emergency centre-half did exceedingly well given that he has not played since May.
  • (archaic) The quality of being emergent; sudden or unexpected appearance; an unforeseen occurrence.
  • Synonyms

    * (hospital department) ER, casualty, emerg

    Derived terms

    * emergency department * emergency entrance * emergency exit * emergency room * emergency ward * emergency medical services * state of emergency * emergency response * Emergency Medical Technician * The Emergency

    See also

    * fire department * police




  • emergency, mayday, distress
  • Usage notes

    The code SOS is normally only used in text transmission; for voice communication, mayday is used. The sequence is normally transmitted run together without any letter spacing in between, so it is technically a single unique code rather than a series of three letters.


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