Where vs Somewhere - What's the difference?

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As adverbs the difference between where and somewhere

is that where is at what place; to what place; what place while somewhere is in an uncertain or unspecified location.

As nouns the difference between where and somewhere

is that where is the place in which something happens while somewhere is unspecified or unknown (unlocated) place or location.

As a conjunction where

is while on the contrary; although; whereas.

As a pronoun where

is the place in which.




(English Conjunctions)
  • While on the contrary; although; whereas.
  • * (William Shakespeare)
  • And flight and die is death destroying death; / Where fearing dying pays death servile breath.
  • * July 18 2012 , Scott Tobias, AV Club The Dark Knight Rises [http://www.avclub.com/articles/the-dark-knight-rises-review-batman,82624/]
  • Where the Joker preys on our fears of random, irrational acts of terror, Bane has an all-consuming, dictatorial agenda that’s more stable and permanent, a New World Order that’s been planned out with the precision of a military coup.
  • * {{quote-magazine, date=2013-06-14, author=(Jonathan Freedland)
  • , volume=189, issue=1, page=18, magazine=(The Guardian Weekly) , title= Obama's once hip brand is now tainted , passage=Now we are liberal with our innermost secrets, spraying them into the public ether with a generosity our forebears could not have imagined. Where we once sent love letters in a sealed envelope, or stuck photographs of our children in a family album, now such private material is despatched to servers and clouds operated by people we don't know and will never meet.}}
  • At or in which place or situation.
  • * {{quote-magazine, year=2013, month=July-August, author=(Henry Petroski)
  • , title= Geothermal Energy , volume=101, issue=4, magazine=(American Scientist) , passage=Energy has seldom been found where we need it when we want it. Ancient nomads, wishing to ward off the evening chill and enjoy a meal around a campfire, had to collect wood and then spend time and effort coaxing the heat of friction out from between sticks to kindle a flame. With more settled people, animals were harnessed to capstans or caged in treadmills to turn grist into meal.}}
  • To which place or situation.
  • Wherever.
  • (legal) In a position, case, etc., in which.
  • Adverb

  • At what place; to what place; what place.
  • Where are you?
    Where are you going?
    Where did you come from?
  • In what situation.
  • Where would we be without our parents?


    (English Pronouns)
  • The place in which.
  • He lives within five miles of where he was born.


  • The place in which something happens.
  • A good article will cover the who, the what, the when, the where , the why and the how.
    Finding the nymph asleep in secret where . — Spenser.

    Derived terms

    * anywhere * elsewhere * everywhere * every which where * whereabouts * whereafter * whereagainst * wherealong * whereas * whereat * whereby * wherefore * wherefrom * wherein * whereinto * where it's at * whereness * wherenot * whereon * whereof * whereover * wheresoever * wherethan * wherethrough * whereto * wheretoward * whereunder * whereuntil * whereunto * whereupon * wherever * wherewith * wherewithin * wherewithal






  • In an uncertain or unspecified location.
  • I must have left my glasses somewhere .
    I've hidden some candies somewhere .
  • To an uncertain or unspecified location.
  • He plans to go somewhere warm for his vacation.
    I have to go somewhere at lunch. Can I meet you at 2?


    * someplace (US)

    Derived terms

    * somewhere over the rainbow


    (en noun)
  • Unspecified or unknown (unlocated) place or location.
  • * 1986 , Joel S. Goldsmith, A Parenthesis in Eternity: Living the Mystical Life , page 100:
  • We have come from somewhere and we are going somewhere, but because life is an unending circle, we are again going to come from a somewhere', and we are again going to go to a ' somewhere , and this will go on, and on, and on.
  • * 2008 , Bill Watkins, The Once and Future Celt , page 283:
  • A courting owl hoots in the somewheres of the night and another answers its call further off.
  • * 2012 , Thomas M. Kitts, Finding Fogerty: Interdisciplinary Readings of John Fogerty , page 6:
  • and it transports the person to a somewhere', a ' somewhere that the music dictates.
    English compound determinatives