Turkish vs Smyrna - What's the difference?

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As a proper noun turkish

is the official language of turkey and turkish republic of northern cyprus.

As an adjective turkish

is of, from, or pertaining to turkey, the turkish people or the turkish language.

As a noun smyrna is



Proper noun

(en proper noun)
  • The official language of Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
  • Adjective

  • Of, from, or pertaining to Turkey, the Turkish people or the Turkish language.
  • Derived terms

    * (l) * (l) * (l) * (l) * (l) * (l) * (l) * (l) * (l) * (l) * (l) * (l) * (l) * (l) * (l)

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    Proper noun

    (en proper noun)
  • (chiefly, historical) A port city on the Aegean coast of western Asia Minor founded in circa the 11th century BC on the site of the present-day Turkish city of .
  • A town in Delaware
  • A city in Georgia, USA
  • A town in Maine
  • A town and village in New York
  • A town in South Carolina
  • A town in Tennessee
  • Meronyms

    * New Smyrna * Old Smyrna * Smyrna proper