Slops vs Sloops - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between slops and sloops

is that slops is plural of lang=en Scraps that will be fed to animals, particularly to hogs while sloops is plural of lang=en.




  • Scraps that will be fed to animals, particularly to hogs.
  • I don't mind slopping the hogs, I just mind the stench of the slops .
  • (in the plural, nautical, dated) clothing and bedding issued to sailors
  • (in the plural, nautical, dated) sailors' breeches ending just below the knees or above the ankles, worn mainly in XVIII century
  • * 2012 , Nelson's navy , by Philip Haythornthwaite, page 26:
  • The original "slops " were voluminous breeches of about knee length, reminiscent of 17th century "", worn with stockings; these continue to be depicted as late as 1790s, but trousers, first introduced as slop-clothing in 1720s, were more functional and more popular.
  • (in the plural, dated) The dirty wastewater of a house.
  • (A direct quote from: 1897 Universal Dictionary of the English Language , v 4 p 4310)


    * slop, hogwash, swill




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