Sluggard vs Slacker - What's the difference?

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As a noun sluggard

is a person who is lazy, stupid, or idle by habit.

As a verb slacker is





(en noun)
  • A person who is lazy, stupid, or idle by habit.
  • A person slow to begin necessary work, a slothful person.
  • A fearful or cowardly person, a poltroon.
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    (wikipedia slacker) (en noun)
  • One who procrastinates or is lazy.
  • A person lacking a sense of direction in life; an underachiever.
  • A person who seeks to avoid military service.
  • * 1918 September 10, New York Times , "Take Slackers into Army",
  • [S]everal hundred prisoners captured in North Jersey slacker raids last week and sent to this camp are being Inducted into military service today...
  • * 1943 September 29, New York Times , "Wheeler assails Bureau 'Slackers'",
  • Senator Burton K. Wheeler opened his fight in the Senate today..., raising the cry of "slackers " against deferred workers in Government establishments and industry.
  • (very rare) A user of the Slackware Linux operating system.
  • * 1996 August 15, stephen benson, "Re: How broken is Infomagic's Redhat linux?", comp.os.linux.setup, Usenet ,
  • I'm a slacker from way back btw
  • * 2002 January 15, Josh, "Re: slackware installation issue", comp.os.linux, Usenet ,
  • Hope you become a happy slacker .
  • * 2007 May 16, Dan C, "Re: Distro Poll, what do you use?", alt.os.linux, Usenet ,
  • Any real Slacker would know better than to top-post, AND post a bunch of HTML-crap to boot. You're not worthy.
  • A member of a certain 1990s subculture associated with Generation X.
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