Banshee vs Siren - What's the difference?

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As a noun banshee

is banshee (in irish folklore, a female spirit).



(en noun)
  • In Irish folklore, a female spirit, usually taking the form of a woman whose mournful wailing warns of an impending death.
  • (derogatory) A noisy or ill-tempered woman.
  • * 1936 , , Steps Going Down , page 15:
  • Where's this old banshee that runs the place?

    Usage notes

    * A banshee was originally merely a fairy woman who sang a caoineadh (lament) for recently-deceased members of certain families. Translations of Irish works into English made a distinction between the banshee and other fairy folk that the original language and original stories do not seem to have, but from whence sprung the current image of the banshee.

    See also

    * sidhe





    (wikipedia siren)

    Alternative forms

    * sirene (dated or archaic)


  • (original sense ) (Greek mythology) One of a group of nymphs who lured mariners to their death on the rocks.
  • A device, either mechanical or electronic, that makes a piercingly loud sound as an alarm or signal, or the sound from such a device.
  • A musical instrument, one of the few aerophones in the percussion section of the symphony orchestra.
  • A dangerously seductive woman.
  • A common name for salamanders of Siren and Sirenidae.
  • A common name for mammals of Sirenia .
  • Derived terms

    * siren song * sirenian * sirenic


    (en verb)
  • To make a noise with, or as if with, a siren.
  • Adjective

  • Relating to or like a siren.
  • Synonyms

    * bewitching * enchanting * enticing * sirenic




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