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As a noun sgr

is (astronomy).

As a pronoun sim is

to this;.




(en noun)
  • (astronomy)
  • * 2004 , K.S. Cheng, Gustavo E. Romero (editors), Cosmic Gamma-Ray Sources , page 191, figure caption,
  • The expected gamma-ray spectrum of the Soft Gamma-ray Repeater SGR 1900+14 for various inclination angles.
  • * 2004 , Quang Ho-Kim, Narendra Kumar Kumar, Harry C. S. Lam, Invitation to Contemporary Physics , 2nd Edition, page 308,
  • Other missing neutron stars might be the unpredictable soft gamma-ray repeaters'' (SGRs'''), the recurrent soft X-ray transients discovered in the 1980s. Although there are only a few examples known at present, ' SGRs have attracted a lot of attention lately because of their unique characteristics.
  • * 2008 , W. Becker, F, Haberl, J Trümper, 14: Pulsars and Isolated Neutron Stars'', Joachim E. Trümper, Günther Hasinger (editors), ''The Universe in X-Rays , page 193,
  • The radio-silent neutron stars include anomalous X-ray pulsars (AXPs), soft gamma-ray repeaters (SGRs'), and “quiescent” neutron star candidates in SNRs. There is growing evidence that AXPs and ' SGRs are indeed magnetars (see [109] for a review).

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