Sicke vs Sicken - What's the difference?

sicke | sicken |

As an adjective sicke

is .

As a verb sicken is

to make ill.




  • sicken



    (en verb)
  • To make ill.
  • The infection will sicken him until amputation is needed.
  • To become ill.
  • I will sicken if I don’t get some more exercise.
  • * Francis Bacon
  • The judges that sat upon the jail, and those that attended, sickened upon it and died.
  • To fill with disgust or abhorrence.
  • His arrogant behaviour sickens me.
  • To be filled with disgust or abhorrence.
  • * Shakespeare
  • Mine eyes did sicken at the sight.
  • To become disgusting or tedious.
  • * Goldsmith
  • The toiling pleasure sickens into pain.
  • To become weak; to decay; to languish.
  • * Alexander Pope
  • All pleasures sicken , and all glories sink.