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As proper nouns the difference between ukraine and shipot

is that ukraine is ukraine while shipot is the name of a natural waterfall in ukraine where an annual festival is held with the same name [http://ruwikipediaorg/wiki/Шипот_(водопад)].

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(wikipedia Ukraine) (Name of Ukraine)

Alternative forms

* Ocraine; Ukrain; Ukrania, Ucrania

Proper noun

(en proper noun)
  • A country in Eastern Europe; was long part of the Russian Empire, then of the Soviet Union. Official name: Ukraine.
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  • Usage notes

    * Since the country's independence in 1991, style guides recommend Ukraine'' (as in "a musician from Ukraine"), without an article. Previously, the most common usage was ''the Ukraine (as in "a musician from the Ukraine").

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    (en noun)
  • An underground water source that runs constantly. A common source of fresh drinking water in Ukrainian villages.
  • References

    * A shipot is the main source of drinking water in Dzyhivka, Ukraine. [] * 2007 Video of the Shipot festival in Ukraine. []