Sinny vs Shinny - What's the difference?

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As an adjective sinny

is characterised by or characteristic of sin; sinful; guilty of sin; wicked.

As a verb shinny is

to climb in an awkward manner.

As a noun shinny is

(canada) an informal game of pickup hockey played with minimal equipment: skates, sticks and a puck or ball or shinny can be moonshine (illegal alcohol).




  • Characterised by or characteristic of sin; sinful; guilty of sin; wicked.
  • *1909 , Wallace Irwin, Letters of a Japanese schoolboy ("Hashimura Togo") :
  • [...] kick against Olive Oil Trust, they almost went to jail for their crimes, so they hurry around to Judge Landis face and was comforted to know that taking rebates from Harriman was sinnier than taking silverware from a Soldiers' Home.
  • *1974 , Gerald G. Griffin, The silent misery: why marriages fail :
  • "That was a sinny -sin-sin! [...]
  • *2007 , D. B. Clark, The Curse of Humorous Verse :
  • So, should I return to that childhood state When my life was not very sinny ? No, I lived a Catholic hell back then, Where living was devoid of the fun kind of sin, And though I'll be sent to the all-faith Hell, In the mean time, [...]
  • *2009 , Kate Clinton, I Told You So :
  • I confess to quickly scanning the papal list, looking for the sin of homosexuality. It was not there! Maybe it is understood. It was like being dropped from the big annual Papal Magazine "Sinniest Sins Alive" special double issue.
  • *2010 , Washington Weaver, The Alliterating Philosopher: Philosophy Can Be Phun :
  • [...] of all of the sins that are drummed into the brains of the Uptight Sin-filled Abstainers, the sin of oral sex may be the sinniest (a wonderful new word).
  • *2011 , Ann Palmer, Ann of 1,000 Lives: Author Ann Palmer Relives Her Own Past Lives :
  • Still and tall he stands with such grace for such a man as he. I love his collar and his hair – a lion and his mane, did I dare tell – sinny', ' sinny , sin, sin, sin, sin, sin, sin,” (this was a peppy song in my head).



    Etymology 1



  • To climb in an awkward manner.
  • Etymology 2

    Variation of shinty.


    (wikipedia shinny) (-) or shinny hockey
  • (Canada) An informal game of pickup hockey played with minimal equipment: skates, sticks and a puck or ball.
  • * 2010 , Jason Blake], Canadian Hockey Literature: A Thematic Study , (University of Toronto Press), ISBN 9780802099846 (cloth-bound), ISBN 9780802097132 (paperback), chapter two: “The Hockey Dream: Hockey as Escape, Freedom, Utopia”, [ page 63:
  • In shinny , everyone wins. Though rules are scaled back, the game is not loosened beyond all form, and the driving competitive element remains.
  • * ibidem , page 70:
  • Hockey fiction shows that the focus on ludus'' in organized hockey threatens to strangle the primal play spirit, which is why shinny''' is more easily romanticized than versions of the game that seem to require fighting, that motivate parents to violence, and, at the highest level, give rise to lockouts and strikes. In ' shinny the playful core of hockey is retained, while the overly confining rules and restrictions are discarded.
  • (Canada) Street hockey.
  • (Canada, informal) Hockey.
  • Etymology 3


  • Moonshine (illegal alcohol)
  • * 1960 , , chapter 13,
  • Miss Maudie Atkinson baked a Lane cake so loaded with shinny it made me tight;....
  • * Ibid.,
  • He sent them packing next day armed with their charts and five quarts of shinny in their saddlebags—two apiece and one for the Governor.