Muhammad vs Shereef - What's the difference?

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As a proper noun muhammad

is (uncountable) the figure who introduced islam, the man to whom the quran was revealed; considered a prophet by muslims and baha'is.

As a noun shereef is

formerly, a member of an arab princely family descended from muhammad through his son-in-law ali and daughter fatima, the "grand shereef" being the governor of mecca.


Alternative forms

* Mahomet'' was the predominant form until the late 1700s. ''Mohammed'' was the predominant form from then until the 1940s, when it was overtaken by ''Muhammad'', which has been predominant ever since. Other forms which are now quite common are ''Mohammad'', ''Mohamed'' and ''Muhammed , which all came into common use after the 1820s. (other forms) * Mahomed, Mahommed, Mehemet, Mohamad * Muhamed, Muhammat, Muhamad, Mehemed, Mehemmed, Mahoma, Muhammud, Mahemet, Mehemmet * Mehmed, Mehmet * Mohamet, Mahamad, Mahammad, Mahamet, Mahumet, Mohammet, Mahammed, Mahamed, Mahommet, Mahomad, Machomet, Mahommad, Muhammet, Mahomat, Muhamet, Muhamat, Maomet, Mohamat * Mahamat, Mahamid, Mohamud, Mohammud, Mahomett, Mohamid, Mohammid, Muhamud, Muhammid, Mahammet, Muhamid, Magomet, Mohemet, Mehammed, Mohemmed, Mehamet, Mohemed, Mahemed; Mouhammad, Mouhamed, Mouhamad, Muhmmed * Machoumet, Mahamath, Mahamett, Mahamit, Mahammat, Mahammid, Mahemett, Mahemmed, Mahemmet, Mahometh, Mahommat, Mahommett, Mahoumed, Mahoumet, Mahumett, Mehamid, Mehammad, Mehemett, Moammed, Mohamit, Mohammat, Mohamut, Mohemmet, Mohomet, Mouhamet, Mouhammed, Muammed, Muhamut, Muhemmad, Mathomus *

Proper noun

  • (uncountable) The figure who introduced Islam, the man to whom the Quran was revealed; considered a prophet by Muslims and Baha'is.
  • Shias believe that Ali succeeded the prophet Mohammad .
  • (uncountable) The 47th sura (chapter) of the Quran.
  • (countable) very popular among Muslims.
  • There are two Muhammads in my class.


    * Seal of the Prophets, Last Prophet, al-Amin, Abu Qasim

    Coordinate terms

    * (religious founder) Jesus, Buddha, Zoroaster, Rishabha, Baha'ullah, Moses, , Confucius

    Derived terms

    * if the mountain won't come to Muhammad * Mohammedan, Mohammedanism (now offensive) * Mohammedism, Mohammedist




    (en noun)
  • Formerly, a member of an Arab princely family descended from Muhammad through his son-in-law Ali and daughter Fatima, the "Grand Shereef" being the governor of Mecca.
  • Alternative forms

    * sherif * xerif


    * Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913).