Touched vs Sentimental - What's the difference?

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As adjectives the difference between touched and sentimental

is that touched is emotionally moved (by), made to feel emotion (by) while sentimental is characterized by sentiment, sentimentality or excess emotion.

As a verb touched

is (touch).




(en adjective)
  • Emotionally moved (by), made to feel emotion (by).
  • * 1845 , , Book 4, Chapter 1,
  • "They say her Majesty is more touched about these affairs of the Chartists than anything else," said Mr Egerton.
  • * 1868 , , Part 2, Chapter 42: All Alone,
  • “If there is anything good or true in what I write, it isn’t mine. I owe it all to you and Mother and Beth,” said Jo, more touched by her father’s words than by any amount of praise from the world.
  • * 1883 , , Chapter XXI: A Tempest in a Cavern,
  • “And you came to save me, Mr. Oliver,” answered Miss Campbell, more touched by the courage of the young man than the dangers which could still happen.
  • Slightly mentally deficient; touched in the head.
  • * 1913 , , Part III, Chapter IV,
  • "Don't you see he is a lunatic, prince?" whispered Evgenie Pavlovitch in his ear. "Someone told me just now that he is a bit touched on the subject of lawyers, that he has a mania for making speeches and intends to pass the examinations. I am expecting a splendid burlesque now."
  • * 1922 , , Episode 8: The Lestrygonians,
  • All a bit touched . Mad Fanny and his other sister Mrs Dickinson driving about with scarlet harness.


    * (moved) affected, emotional, moved * (slightly mentally deficient) retarded (offensive ), touched in the head


  • (touch)
  • sentimental



    (en adjective)
  • characterized by sentiment, sentimentality or excess emotion
  • derived from emotion rather than reason; of or caused by sentiment
  • romantic
  • Derived terms

    * sentimentalism * sentimentality * sentimentally


    * 1885 : , *: Are you in sentimental mood? *: I'll sigh with you. * 1944 : , *: Gonna take a Sentimental Journey, *: Gonna set my heart at ease. *: Gonna make a Sentimental Journey, *: to renew old memories.


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