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As proper nouns the difference between weller and seller

is that weller is while seller is an english and scottish topographic surname, derived from either of several places named sell.

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  • (well)
  • * {{quote-book, year=1822, author=Charles and Mary Lamb, title=The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb (Vol. 6), chapter=, edition= citation
  • , passage=Emma is looking weller and handsomer (as you say) than ever. }}
  • * {{quote-book, year=1913, author=Henry Sydnor Harrison, title=V. V.'s Eyes, chapter=, edition= citation
  • , passage=He forgot the Huns; forgot John the Baptist; forgot even his sick, till one of the weller of them (as we may assume) knocked memorially upon his door.... }}
  • * {{quote-book, year=1922, author=Samuel Hopkins Adams, title=From a Bench in Our Square, chapter=, edition= citation
  • , passage=Now we come home he is already weller . }}



    Etymology 1

    From (sell) + (-er).


    (en noun)
  • Someone who sells; a vender; a clerk
  • Alisha was a seller of fine books.
  • Something which sells
  • Two of the books Alisha authored had become banner sellers .

    Etymology 2

    Alternative forms.


    (en noun)
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