Unix vs Segfault - What's the difference?

unix | segfault |

As a proper noun unix

is .

As a noun segfault is

(computing|unix) a segmentation fault.

As a verb segfault is

(computing|unix|intransitive) to cause or experience a segmentation fault.



Alternative forms


Proper noun

(wikipedia Unix) (en proper noun)
  • A computer operating system that shares the original source code by .
  • An operating system largely compatible with Unix that qualifies for use of the UNIX trademark, currently owned by .
  • (informal) The above plus Unix-like operating systems similar to Unix but not qualifying for use of the UNIX trademark.
  • GNU is not Unix.
  • The group of Unix operating systems as a whole.
  • The Linux kernel operating system is one of the most popular forms of Unix .


    * (computer operating system)

    Derived terms

    * Unix time




    (en noun)
  • (computing, Unix) A segmentation fault.
  • Verb

    (en verb)
  • (computing, Unix, intransitive) To cause or experience a segmentation fault.