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Saucy vs Scurrilous - What's the difference?

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Saucy is a related term of scurrilous.

As adjectives the difference between saucy and scurrilous

is that saucy is similar to sauce; having the consistency or texture of sauce while scurrilous is (of a person) given to vulgar verbal abuse; foul-mouthed.




  • Similar to sauce; having the consistency or texture of sauce.
  • Impertinent or disrespectful, often in a way that is regarded as entertaining or amusing; smart.
  • * ~1603 , William Shakespeare, Othello, the Moor of Venice , Act I, scene I, line 143:
  • If this be known to you, and your allowance/ When we have done you bold and saucy wrongs.
    She is a loud, saucy child who doesn't show a lot of respect to her elders.
  • Impudently bold; pert; piquant.
  • Mildly erotic.
  • My wife and I enjoyed the dancing, but she found it a little too saucy .


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    (en adjective)
  • (of a person) given to vulgar verbal abuse; foul-mouthed
  • (of language) coarse, vulgar, abusive, or slanderous
  • * 2014 July 29, " On chutzpah and war," Aljazeera.com (retrieved 29 July 2014):
  • Perhaps the greatest chutzpah is the term itself, moving from scurrilous origins to something admirable.