Scrit vs Script - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between scrit and script

is that scrit is (obsolete) writing; document; scroll while script is (countable|obsolete) a writing; a written document.

As a verb script is

to make or write a script.




  • (obsolete) writing; document; scroll
  • Of every scrit and bond. — Chaucer.
    (Webster 1913) ----




    (wikipedia)(Scripting language) (en noun)
  • (countable, obsolete) A writing; a written document.
  • Written characters; style of writing.
  • (typography) Type made in imitation of handwriting.
  • (countable, legal) An original instrument or document.
  • (countable) The written document containing the dialogue and action for a drama; the text of a stage play, movie, or other performance. Especially, the final form used for the performance itself.
  • (computing) A file containing a list of user commands, allowing them to be invoked once to execute in sequence.
  • (linguistics) A system of writing adapted to a particular language or set of languages.
  • An abbreviation for a prescription.
  • Synonyms

    * (writing) cursive, hand, handwriting, manuscript * (typography) cursive type, typeface, face, or font * (computing) batch file, macro, shell script * (linguistics) language script, writing system


    * (text for drama) screenplay * (text for drama) teleplay

    Derived terms

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    (en verb)
  • To make or write a script.
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