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Scari vs Scary - What's the difference?

scari | scary |

As nouns the difference between scari and scary

is that scari is while scary is barren land having only a thin coat of grass.

As an adjective scary is

causing or able to cause fright.




  • scary


    Etymology 1


  • Causing or able to cause fright
  • The tiger's jaws were scary.
    She was hiding behind her pillow during the scary parts of the film.
  • (US, colloquial, dated) Subject to sudden alarm; nervous, jumpy.
  • (Whittier)
  • * 1916 , Texas Department of Agriculture, Bulletin (issues 47-57), page 150:
  • And let us say to these interests that, until the Buy-It-Made-In-Texas movement co-operates with the farmers, we are going to be a little scary of the snare.
    * (causing fright) frightening

    Etymology 2

    From dialectal English .


  • Barren land having only a thin coat of grass.
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