Scarify vs Scarifyingly - What's the difference?

scarify | scarifyingly |

As a verb scarify

is (obsolete|or|nonstandard) to scar.

As an adverb scarifyingly is

in a scarifying way.




  • (obsolete, or, nonstandard) To scar.
  • (obsolete, or, nonstandard) Denude, or lay waste to.
  • (horticulture) To remove thatch (build-up of organic matter on the soil) from a lawn, to dethatch.
  • (horticulture) To damage the testa (seed coat) of a seed by cutting, scraping, chemicals, hot water, or fire to allow permeation of water and faster germination.
  • scarifyingly



    (en adverb)
  • In a scarifying way.
  • * {{quote-news, year=2007, date=January 29, author=Holland Cotter, title=Feminist Art Finally Takes Center Stage, work=New York Times citation
  • , passage=The performance was scarifyingly funny as a send-up of feminism’s much-maligned sexual “essentialism.” }}