Fulminate vs Scarify - What's the difference?

fulminate | scarify |

As a noun fulminate

is .

As a verb scarify is

(obsolete|or|nonstandard) to scar.



  • (figuratively) To make a verbal attack.
  • (figuratively) To issue as a denunciation.
  • * De Quincey
  • They fulminated the most hostile of all decrees.
  • To strike with lightning; to cause to explode.
  • * 2009 , Thomas Pynchon, Inherent Vice , Vintage 2010, p. 235:
  • the present owners couldn't afford the electric bills anymore, several amateur gaffers, sad to say, having already been fulminated trying to bootleg power in off the municipal lines.


    * (verbal attack) berate, condemn, criticize, denounce, denunciate, vilify


    (en noun)
  • (chemistry) Any salt or ester of fulminic acid, mostly explosive.
  • * 1977 , (Alistair Horne), A Savage War of Peace , New York Review Books 2006, p. 193:
  • On 19 February a jubilant Bigeard announced that his 3rd R.P.C. had seized eighty-seven bombs, seventy kilos of explosive, 5,120 fulminate of mercury detonators, 309 electric detonators, etc.




  • (obsolete, or, nonstandard) To scar.
  • (obsolete, or, nonstandard) Denude, or lay waste to.
  • (horticulture) To remove thatch (build-up of organic matter on the soil) from a lawn, to dethatch.
  • (horticulture) To damage the testa (seed coat) of a seed by cutting, scraping, chemicals, hot water, or fire to allow permeation of water and faster germination.