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As nouns the difference between salvos and salvors

is that salvos is while salvors is .




(en-plural noun)
  • (Australia) The Salvation Army.
  • Thank God for the Salvos . — marketing tagline
  • * 2006 , , Issue 22, page 25,
  • At the Salvos', the writer claimed, she found emotional support and got her electricity bill paid. But the ' Salvos are often dealing with the desperate – “losers” – and their emergency needs for food and shelter, while the focus of the megachurches is unapologetically middle class.
  • * 2007 , Dominie Whyntie, Love and War and All that Stuff , page 173,
  • At the bottom lay Betty Laurie, Mavis?s favourite battered doll. She was not going to the Salvos , she deserved better than that.
  • * 2010 , Robert Cettl, Australian Film Tales , page 35,
  • Some years before DW Griffith premiered the art of the feature film, the Salvation Army in Melbourne was inadvertently playing a truly unheralded pioneer role in the incipient Australian film industry. The Salvos were intent to spread their blend of Christianity to the Australian public and thus made Soldiers of the Cross , a series of Biblical re-enactments on film.


    * Sallies (chiefly New Zealand)

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