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Sans vs Sags - What's the difference?

sans | sags |

As a preposition sans

is without, lacking.

As an adjective sans

is short for sans serif.

As a noun sags is

plural of sag.




(English prepositions)
  • without, lacking
  • * 1590 , , act v, scene 2 (First Folio ed.)
  • Ber.'' And to begin Wench, ?o God helpe me law,
    My loue to thee is ?ound, ''?ans''''' cracke or flaw.
    ''Ro?a.'' '''''Sans''''', '''''?ans
    , I pray you.
  • * 1982 , (Lawrence Durrell), Constance'', Faber & Faber 2004 (''Avignon Quintet ), p. 766:
  • Those with brooms started to sweep literally, at the feet of the crowd, driving it back into the side streets from which it had emerged to form this assembly – now riders sans steeds.
  • * 1991 , A. R. Morlan, The Amulet? , page 212
  • But regardless of when Wally had parked himself out in that backyard—sans coat or jacket—somehow, the old lady must have known where Wally would be before he drove out to the Isaacs trailer—or else she followed him out there from his house.


    * (without) without, minus


  • short for sans serif.
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