Projection vs Sagging - What's the difference?

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Projection is a related term of sagging.

As nouns the difference between projection and sagging

is that projection is something which projects, protrudes, juts out, sticks out, or stands out while sagging is the act of something that sags.

As a verb sagging is





(en noun)
  • Something which projects, protrudes, juts out, sticks out, or stands out.
  • The face of the cliff had many projections which are big enough for birds to nest on.
  • The action of projecting]] or throwing or [[propel, propelling something.
  • The display of an image by devices such as movie projector, video projector, overhead projector or slide projector.
  • A forecast or prognosis obtained by extrapolation
  • (psychology) A belief or assumption that others have similar thoughts and experiences as oneself
  • (photography) The image that a translucent object casts onto another object.
  • (cartography) Any of several systems of intersecting lines that allow the curved surface of the earth to be represented on a flat surface. The set of mathematics used to calculate coordinate positions.
  • (geometry) An image of an object on a surface of fewer dimensions.
  • (linear algebra) An idempotent linear transformation which maps vectors from a vector space onto a subspace.
  • (mathematics) A transformation which extracts a fragment of a mathematical object.
  • (category theory) A morphism from a categorical product to one of its (two) components.
  • Synonyms

    * (something which sticks out) protuberance

    Derived terms

    * * astral projection * axonometric projection * dimetric projection * graphical projection * oblique projection * orthographic projection * parallel projection * perspective projection * projective * isometric projection * trimetric projection




  • The act of something that sags.
  • * 1969 , Sugar Technologists' Association of India, Proceedings
  • It was noticed that there had been saggings and bulgings in the trays.
  • A manner of wearing pants or shorts below the waist, revealing some or all of the underwear.
  • Verb